The Alternative to Concrete Floor Paint for Homeowners in St. Louis

Concrete Floor Paint St. LouisIf you’re researching the best concrete floor paint to use on a slab you have at your home in St. Louis, whether it be your driveway or in your garage, patio, or porch, you’re likely looking to boost the aesthetic appeal of this space. Concrete is known for being grey, dull, and dingy, in addition to being prone to unsightly cracking. But did you know that there’s a revolutionary alternative to concrete floor paint? Penntek™ Industrial Coating’s polyurea chip system is offered to residents of the St. Louis area by the renowned professionals at All Star Concrete Coating Solutions by Patriot.

The Coating Made for All Areas of Your Home

At All Star CCS by Patriot, we have experience installing this polyurea chip system in a variety of outdoor areas, including driveways, carports, walkways, porches, and patios, as well as interior areas such as garages, laundry rooms, sunrooms, and more. One of the reasons we love this coating for outdoor areas or areas that receive a lot of sunlight exposure, like a sunroom, is because the coating is UV stable. This means the coating won’t fade or discolor, even after years of being exposed to harsh UV rays.

In addition to being UV stable, the Penntek polyurea chip system is a great alternative to traditional concrete floor paint because it:

  • Doesn’t chip or peel over time
  • Won’t hold stains, making it a great application for driveways and commercial kitchens
  • Is 100 percent antibacterial and antimicrobial, so it requires very little maintenance to keep sanitary

Contact All Star Concrete Coating Solutions by Patriot today to schedule your in-home consultation and learn more about the revolutionary concrete coating system we provide. We proudly serve residents in St. Louis and throughout the surrounding areas.

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